Classification of Raw Materials for Chemical Products

Classification of raw materials: Inorganic chemical raw materials, industrial gases, inorganic bases, inorganic acids, inorganic salts, oxides, non-metallic minerals, other unclassified inorganic chemical raw materials, chemical ores, sulfur ores, potassium ores, phosphate ores, boron ores, other chemical minerals and organic Chemical raw materials alkanes and derivatives, alkenes and derivatives, alkynes and derivatives; alcohols, acids, aldehydes, ketones, lipids, ethers, sulfones, amines; carbohydrates, carboxylic acids and derivatives substances, quinones, aromatic hydrocarbons and derivatives, acid anhydrides organic intermediates, heterocycles, nitro compounds, halides, and other unclassified organic chemical raw materials Plastic raw materials General plastics: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene Ethylene engineering plastics: polyphenylene ether, polyphenylene sulfide, polyformaldehyde, polyetherimide, polycarbonate, polycarbonate polymer, polyamide, polyester resin, thermoplastic elastomer, masterbatch recycled material, other unused Classification of plastic raw materials, rubber raw materials, rubber raw materials: natural rubber, synthetic rubber: styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, reclaimed rubber, rubber accessories, butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, isoprene rubber SBS, Other unclassified rubber raw materialsResin: natural resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, ion exchange resin, amino resin, silicone resin, other unclassified resins petroleum and products crude oil, fuel oil, lubricating grease, solvent oil , petroleum coke, paraffin, asphalt, refined oil, petroleum products, oil additives, gas petroleum products, chemical additives, coating additives, water treatment chemicals, information chemicals, electronic industry additives, papermaking additives, rubber additives Agents: antioxidants, vulcanizing agents, accelerators, anti-scorch agents, dispersants, other rubber additives, plastic additives, flame retardants, heat stabilizers, light stabilizers, antioxidants, colorants, fluorescent whitening agents, hair dyes Foaming agent, cross-linking agent, coupling agent, antistatic agent, lubricant, release agent, dripping agent, antifungal agent, curing agent and curing accelerator, plasticizer, leather auxiliary, textile, printing and dyeing auxiliary, adsorption Agents, surfactants, emulsifiers, foaming agents, metal processing aids, other unclassified chemical additives, food additives, acidity regulators, antioxidants, bleaching agents, colorants, anti-caking agents, defoaming agents, color protectants , enzyme preparations, emulsifiers, leavening agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, moisture retaining agents, nutritional fortifiers, other unclassified food additivesFeed additives Nutritive additives, non-nutritional additives, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antibiotics, antibiotics, enzyme preparations, antioxidants, antifungal agents, other unclassified feed additives Chemical reagents: ethanol acetone permanganate Special catalyst for potassium catalyst, carrier for catalyst, other unclassified catalyst glass, deep-processed glass, ordinary glass, architectural glass, special glass, other unclassified glass fertilizer ammonia fertilizer, potash fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer, biological fertilizer, trace element fertilizer, bacterial fertilizer , pesticide fertilizers, plant growth regulators, other unclassified fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, rodenticides, mixed dosage forms, biological pesticides, other unclassified pesticides, synthetic drugs, anti-infectives, antipyretics and analgesia Drugs, vitamin drugs, anti-parasitic drugs, hormone drugs and endocrine system drugs, anti-tumor drugs, cardiovascular system drugs, respiratory system drugs, central nervous system drugs, digestive system drugs, urinary system drugs, fluid system drugs , drugs for regulating water, electrolytes and acid-base balance, surgical anesthesia drugs, antihistamine drugs and detoxification drugs, biochemical drugs, disinfection, antisepsis and trauma surgery drugs, ENT drugs, dermatology drugs, diagnostic drugs, nutritional supplements, radiation recovery Raw materials, preparations and additives, other chemical raw materialsBiochemical ceramics, laboratory supplies, pyrotechnics products, other polymer plastic products, plastic films, plastic sheets, sections, rods, plastic tubes, special profiles, plastic containers, automotive plastics, electronic plastics, industrial and agricultural plastic products, plastics Building materials, plastic handicrafts, household plastic products, plastic packaging supplies, other unclassified plastic products, rubber products, tires, rubber belts, rubber tubes, agricultural rubber (latex) products, industrial rubber (latex) products, cultural and educational rubber ( Latex products, medical rubber (latex) products, household rubber (latex) products, sealing rings, other unclassified daily chemicals, perfume and cosmetic raw materials, cosmetics, skin care products, oral products, hair products, toiletries, Soap, washing, cleaning agents, fragrances, deodorants, insect repellents, other unclassified daily chemicals polyurethane raw materials, PU products, other unclassified polyurethane adhesives, inorganic adhesives, natural adhesives, synthetic adhesives, Polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl acetate adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, hot melt adhesives, resin adhesives and acrylic adhesives, inorganic adhesives, rubber-type adhesives, phenolic, urea-formaldehyde, melamine adhesives, other unclassified adhesives chemical fibersSlices, polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polypropylene, vinylon; acetate fiber, viscose fiber, polyester fiber, functional fiber, man-made fiber, other undivided chemical fiber dyes direct dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, Cationic dyes, fiber dyes, leather dyes, pigment printing pastes, dyes for film, other unclassified dye coatings, architectural coatings, automotive coatings, ship coatings, furniture coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, wood coatings, water-based, powder coatings , general general coatings, inks and paints, special coatings, other unclassified coatings, pigments, inorganic pigments, organic pigments, other unclassified pigments and fragrances, flavors and natural flavors, synthetic flavors, edible flavors, daily fragrances, other unclassified flavors and fragrances