The company participated in the 49th meeting of the city's key project element guarantee meeting on Saturday.

On May 13, Liu Yujie, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, presided over the 49th meeting of Saturday's meeting on key project element guarantee.

At the meeting, we studied and solved the guarantee of four key project elements, including our company's "new anti-tumor tinib targeted drugs and respiratory drug raw materials and intermediates production line project", and conducted research on the project's environmental assessment, safety assessment and other issues. Liu Yujie, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, requested that Taihe County and relevant departments directly under the city should take the initiative and provide efficient services, guide enterprises to do a solid job in the preliminary work of environmental assessment and safety assessment projects, and ensure that the main project of the project is fully started in June. Under the premise of safety, we should further improve the investment intensity and plot ratio of the project, so as to save and intensively use land and improve land efficiency.

Liu Yujie, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, emphasized that it is necessary to keep a close eye on the problem and block points, make every effort to overcome difficulties, promote key projects to speed up, improve quality and efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for high-quality economic and social development. Sun Cunkun, secretary general of the municipal government, attended.